Ténéré - Ténébris

Ténéré is a French music producer with a taste for bikes and baroque music. While being raised and classically trained in a family of musicians, he was all about Jean-Sébastien Bach in his teens until he fell for French rap, electronica and ultimately James Blake whose track The Bells Sketch was a true revelation and encouraged him to make music. After a couple EPs on the French label No Format as half of the electronic music duo Vendredi, Pierre-Élie decided to start a new personal project. While Tenebris mechanical beats and twisted melodies evoke a sense of velocity, listening to the flipside In Lucem will send you into a state of weighlessness thanks to its multi-layered harmonies and the soulful voice of Clara Sergent.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords Key BPM
NOW058 Ténébris (Olem Remix)
[NOW058 - 1]
0 4'58 Ténéré Electronica. Patient, nocturnal then undulating. Synth & rhythm. electronic percussion, synthesizer, rhythm section, atmospheric, urban [...] Ebm 70
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  • 0:00/0:00 - 0.00
BPM 10
300 or KEYS