Trifouille1er - Format Malin

Through « Format Malin » EP, the French producer dives us into the machines used to produce, and rubs all the magnetics tapes he used (Revox tape recorders, mini-K7 voice recorders, K7 Tascam multipists…) to give his sound a sweet and warm texture, almost lofi, reminding with some nostalgia the beginnings of hip hop. Mad sound scientist, Trifouille1er presents his universe with no introduction and enjoy a total freedom of production to deliver the fruit of many sound experimentations and influence blending from the afrobeat to Siriusmo and Flying Lotus going by hip hop classics.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
NOW120 Trampolino
[NOW120 - 1]
0 2'45 Trifouille1er Electro beat. Atmospheric & dreamy introduction. Then rhythmic & heavy. Synth & rhythm. driving, atmospheric, electro beat, hypnotic, heavy [...]
NOW120 Aerostat
[NOW120 - 2]
0 3'33 Trifouille1er Electro beat. Patient, intriguing & exotic. Hip-hop rhythmic & Synth. modern, interrogative, atmospheric, steady, electro beat [...]
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