Synthômas - Mini Mal

Majorca born Marc Melià and Belgian Lieven Dousselaere team up in a brand new project that will delight fans of Warp, R&S Records and PAN. Mini Mal is an eight-and-a-half minutes long build up. A continuous synth arpeggio, a fluctuating kick avoiding to show itself too obviously, a relentless groovy bass, all swaddled up in misty ambient textures. The elements here, despite its apparent repetition are always in a constant subtle evolution throughout the song. Listening to this first Synthômas song, feels like getting trapped and irresistibly enchanted in the middle of an infinite build up.

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KTW007 Mini Mal
[KTW007 - 1]
0 8'37 Synthômas Relentless, cyclic & strict. Synth & rhythm. relentless, cyclic, electronica, strict, science [...]
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