Stasis: Analogue Synth Textures

Expansive and inspiring cues full of emotion, featuring hypnotic, dreamy analogue synths in poignant melodies and wondrous harmonies. Mesmerising, reflective and bittersweet.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
BIB157 Lullaby
[BIB157 - 1]
0 4'28 Marcus Hamblett Dreamy, hypnotic, expansive. Reflective analogue synths drift, rise and descend. Delicate [...] suspended atmosphere, introspective, narrative, electro ambient, melancholic [...]
BIB157 Gentle Wonder
[BIB157 - 2]
0 3'49 Marcus Hamblett Mysterious, suspenseful, wondrous. Ethereal atmospheric sustains ebb and flow, with fuzzy [...] cold desert, drone, nocturnal, contemporary series, sparse [...]
BIB157 The Monolith
[BIB157 - 3]
0 3'57 Marcus Hamblett Expansive, uplifting, mysterious. Reflective, suspenseful and panoramic analogue synth [...] narrative, electro minimalism, introspective, tender, atmospheric [...]
BIB157 Alone In The Snow
[BIB157 - 4]
0 2'32 Marcus Hamblett Poignant, wondrous, bittersweet. Dramatic, modulating analogue synth swells ebb and flow [...] contemporary series, atmospheric, desolate, electro ambient, moving [...]
BIB157 Slo Mo Fireworks
[BIB157 - 5]
0 4'00 Marcus Hamblett Brooding, dramatic, suspenseful. Glitchy analogue synth swells drift and fade hypnotically [...] atmospheric, drone, mysterious, time-lapse, anticipation [...]
BIB157 A New Way Possible
[BIB157 - 6]
0 3'09 Marcus Hamblett Determined, wondrous, atmospheric. Modulating, glitchy analogy synths swell and fade with [...] driving, electro ambient, space, hypnotic, undulating [...]
BIB157 Where Night Sky Meets Sea
[BIB157 - 7]
0 3'44 Marcus Hamblett Mysterious, wondrous, reflective. Bass swells drift with glimmering, sparkling analogue [...] underwater, electro organic, suspended atmosphere, space, luminous [...]
BIB157 Spring At Last
[BIB157 - 8]
0 4'42 Marcus Hamblett Wondrous, reflective, mesmerising. Mysterious analogue synth pads layer and build [...] suspended atmosphere, space, atmospheric, wide open space, luminous [...]
BIB157 The Still, Sad Music Of Humanity
[BIB157 - 9]
0 4'01 Marcus Hamblett Melancholic, wondrous, expansive. Dramatic, modulating, reverberating synth swells drift [...] atmospheric, social drama, electro ambient, suspended atmosphere, wandering [...]
BIB157 Memories Fading
[BIB157 - 10]
0 3'10 Marcus Hamblett Expansive, wondrous, inspiring. Bright, glimmering synth swells and sustains drift, ebb and [...] atmospheric, cold desert, suspended atmosphere, wandering, space [...]
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