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Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
UBM2404 Sculptures
[UBM2404 - 1]
0 02'18 Marwin Farwig This magical composition takes the listener into an idyllic fairytale world. It goes well [...] cinematic, destiny, uplifting, driving, wide open space [...]
UBM2404 Behind Closed Doors
[UBM2404 - 2]
0 02'43 Marwin Farwig Suspenseful music for contemporary series, dramatic election campaigns and historical [...] cinematic, epic, cinematic orchestra, trailer, adventure [...]
UBM2404 The Masquerade
[UBM2404 - 3]
0 01'54 Marwin Farwig Dramatic sound for the big screen. Suitable for stories of intrigues and dark machinations [...] cinematic, magical, heroic fantasy, adventure, mysterious [...]
UBM2404 Possession
[UBM2404 - 4]
0 05'08 Marwin Farwig Romantic track straight out of the fairytale forest. Piano and strings create a magical, [...] cinematic, destiny, moving, adventure, epic [...]
UBM2404 Praise The Sun
[UBM2404 - 5]
0 02'37 Marwin Farwig Cinematic sound with changing emotions from mysterious to majestic to triumphant. destiny, triumphant, changing, cinematic, driving [...]
UBM2404 Bloodlines
[UBM2404 - 6]
0 01'15 Marwin Farwig The messenger rides through night and fog to deliver the important message before sunrise. [...] adventure, cinematic, driving, epic, action movie [...]
UBM2404 Royal Garden
[UBM2404 - 7]
0 03'33 Marwin Farwig This composition for strings and choir sounds elegant and light-footed. moving, country & garden, confident, driving, neo-classical music [...]
UBM2404 Fateful Question
[UBM2404 - 8]
0 03'46 Marwin Farwig Epic soundtrack. Mood of optimism, triumph, fateful. With marimba, strings, piano and choir. adventure, cinematic, triumphant, destiny, epic [...]
UBM2404 Evil Counsellor
[UBM2404 - 9]
0 01'31 Marwin Farwig Highly dramatic hybrid score for adventure stories and medieval games. epic, cinematic, driving, fiery, cinematic orchestra [...]
UBM2404 Promise
[UBM2404 - 10]
0 04'32 Marwin Farwig Score pour les films d’aventure et heroic fantasy. adventure, cinematic, moving, cinematic orchestra, epic [...]
UBM2404 Treasure Hunt
[UBM2404 - 11]
0 03'22 Marwin Farwig A mystical fantasy world shaped by adventures and challenges opens its gates. With choir, [...] cinematic, uplifting, cinematic orchestra, sci-fi, adventure [...]
UBM2404 Sparkling Diamonds
[UBM2404 - 12]
0 03'10 Marwin Farwig Light, lively music for scenes of royal gatherings. Flowery, romantic, sparkling. adventure, charming, cinematic, cinematic orchestra, sparkling [...]
UBM2404 Out Of Thin Air
[UBM2404 - 13]
0 02'30 Marwin Farwig Heavy, fateful sounds for tragic plots. cinematic, social drama, heavy, cinematic orchestra, tragic [...]
UBM2404 Dark Throne
[UBM2404 - 14]
0 05'00 Marwin Farwig A dark secret is gradually coming to light ... intrigues are spun behind thick castle walls. adventure, cinematic, epic, building, driving [...]
UBM2404 Quest For The Queen
[UBM2404 - 15]
0 05'00 Marwin Farwig Mixture of orchestral elements and electronic beat. Dramatic sound for arduous journeys and [...] heroic fantasy, building, tragic, cinematic, moving [...]
UBM2404 Dragon Slayer
[UBM2404 - 16]
0 03'45 Marwin Farwig Spectacular piece with increasing intensity. Dramatic strings, choir and drums. cinematic, relentless, suspense, adventure, anticipation [...]
UBM2404 The Coup
[UBM2404 - 17]
0 03'58 Marwin Farwig Hybrid orchestral score for dramatic scenes. Choir, strings and drums create an atmosphere [...] cinematic, relentless, cinematic orchestra, trailer, urgent [...]
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