Malvina Meinier - Corpus

Contrary to its previous Ep ANIMA, conceived entirely on computer from voices doctored by autotune, CORPUS is conceived as a home producer's choir directly inspired by composers such as John Tavener and Arvo's leaving.  He explores the physicality of the human body using a mixture of in utero sounds, voices and acoustic instruments such as organ, piano and a string ensemble.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
KTW013 Birth
[KTW013 - 1]
0 6'19 Malvina Meinier Sacred music. Flying, nocturnal & feminine. Female singer, female chorus, organ & sound design. atmospheric, suspended atmosphere, lyrical, dreamy, female chorus [...]
KTW013 Blood
[KTW013 - 2]
0 3'54 Malvina Meinier Sacred music. Mysterious, strange & sacred music. Female singer, female chorus, modified voice, organ & [...] synthesizer, atmospheric, female chorus, mysterious, nocturnal [...]
KTW013 Malady
[KTW013 - 3]
0 7'02 Malvina Meinier Sacred music. Airy, lyric & organic. Female chorus, sound design & organ. suspended atmosphere, lyrical, airy, atmospheric, female singer [...]
KTW013 Flesh
[KTW013 - 4]
0 6'06 Malvina Meinier Sacred music. Dreamy, vaporous & constant. Female singer, female chorus, arpeggiator, synth & rhythm. airy, calm, atmospheric, female chorus, suspended atmosphere [...]
KTW013 Nerves
[KTW013 - 5]
0 5'29 Malvina Meinier Sacred music. Melancholic, intimate & flying. Female singer & modified piano. atmospheric, dreamy, suspended atmosphere, luminous, synthesizer [...]
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