Malvina Meinier - Anima Ep

Malvina Meinier is a French conductor, composer and producer. At the age of 30, she has already earned a reputation in film and experimental music. The 5 tracks make up one half of the CORPUS / ANIMA concept album, a diptych bringing together many of the elements Malvina has experimented with up to now: the organic, analog and acoustic approach of her early work, alongside a digital, cold and auto-tuned production. Midway between avant-pop and futuristic sound design, influenced by PC Music and Arca, pop R&B and sexy Protestant psalms, the album takes a new look at humanist medicine, where a distinction was made between the corpus (body) and the anima (soul, spirit, breath of life), but without ever opposing them.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
KTW004 Puberty
[KTW004 - 1]
0 6'27 Malvina Meinier Dance pop /euro dance / trance. Uplifting, panoramic & atmospheric. Female singer & synth. atmospheric, catchy, fashion, modern, female singer [...]
KTW004 Temper
[KTW004 - 2]
0 6'00 Malvina Meinier Autotune, female singer, synth & sequencing. auto-tune, electronica, interrogative, electro organic, science [...]
KTW004 Desire
[KTW004 - 3]
0 4'47 Malvina Meinier Female singer, beatbox, pitched voice, sequencing, synth & rhythm. edgy, female singer, experimental electro, heavy, relentless [...]
KTW004 Faith
[KTW004 - 4]
0 5'31 Malvina Meinier Synth, female singer & sequencing. female singer, cold desert, experimental electro, suspended atmosphere, magical [...]
KTW004 Death (feat. BAUMA)
[KTW004 - 5]
0 3'29 Malvina Meinier Female singer, synth, sequencing & rhythm. relentless, aggressive & violent, edgy, female singer, chaotic [...]
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