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Gangue - Bonkers EP (NOW083)

Gangue : Feminin Noun Material surrounding a mineral, a precious stone at its natural state. Something wrapping or hiding something Fulgeance – Musique Large – Ed Banger / Caen Haring – City Tracks / Bruxelles La Fine Equipe – Nowadays Records / Paris-Marseille Gangue, obvious and exciting meeting of Fulgeance, Haring and La Fine Equipe. This creative adventure at the heart of a quirky but mastered and sharpened experimentation by those six producers/beat-makers who naturally mix the influences of Black Music and Electronic. Even if it can be improvised, the quest for a perfect beat always strives Gangue to work it through their refined way to blend techno, ambient, distorded grooves and irresistible basses. An rough but already precious alliance.

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