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Jumo - Périodes Aléatoires (NOW082)

In 2019, Jumo continues to unfold the thread of his musical narrative with a series of EPs as new steps of his stylistic transformation. Jumo explores new horizons, motivated by the live and the public, he turns into a music more danceable, instinctive and appealing to emotions and simplicity. Always evocative, his music is once again inseparable from the videos that he puts forward. Extending his work around video projection, animations are abandoned in favor of the text. Sketching in his notebook, he highlights thoughts, torn from their original context. Without real narrative thread, his words are (literally) thrown into the air, inviting us to grasp them to make them meaningful. A hypnotic concept that marries perfectly with a sleek and progressive musical line, which hits a club-oriented signature. However, Jumo has not, denied the markers that define his difference since the beginning : a dreamlike atmosphere, a modernity at the edge of the avant-garde, and a sense of detail bordering on perfectionism.

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