Imaginary Soundtrack Vol.1

Imaginary Soundtrack is a project born of a new significant collaboration between Bleepmachine and Cézame. It is a collection of four albums which, as its title suggests, expands the idea of music for films that don’t exist yet. Taking its inspiration from different cinematic universes - particularly fantasy movies, Barthélémy Corbelet and Yoann Le Dantec present their first volume - smooth as velvet, light as air with a tantalizing hint of mystery. With sleeve illustration by renowned photographer Alejandro Cartagena, we follow the journey “of an ordinary man embarked on a road movie across the vast open spaces of Patagonia”.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
CEZ4325 Time to Leave
[CEZ4325 - 1]
0 2'11 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Anticipating, interrogative & confident. Piano, cello & strings ensemble. patient, contemporary series, airy, anticipation, suspended atmosphere, wide open space [...]
CEZ4325 Swirling Snowflakes
[CEZ4325 - 2]
0 2'16 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Melancholic, wandering & magic. Acoustic guitar, clarinet, flute, strings & vibes @ 1'40 & [...] wandering, temperate forest, melancholic, fantasy, magical, building [...]
CEZ4325 Rainstorm
[CEZ4325 - 3]
0 2'37 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Suspended, menacing & obsessive. Classical guitar, piano, wood-block & timpanies. interrogative, suspended atmosphere, geopolitics, relentless, anticipation, contemporary series [...]
CEZ4325 The Call of the Sirens
[CEZ4325 - 4]
0 1'45 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Anticipating, panoramic & atmospheric. Female ethereal vocal, double bass drone, guitar & [...] panoramic, anticipation, suspended atmosphere, contemporary series, interrogative, female voice humming [...]
CEZ4325 Mind Wandering
[CEZ4325 - 5]
0 2'44 Yoann le Dantec Uncertain, introspective, wandering & suspended. Piano & string ensemble. suspended atmosphere, nocturnal, anticipation, investigation, suspense, urban [...]
CEZ4325 Far Beyond the Horizon
[CEZ4325 - 6]
0 2'03 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Resolute, quiet & patient. Piano, guitar, strings & electronics. suspended atmosphere, contemporary series, intermittent, wandering, interrogative, relentless [...]
CEZ4325 Desolation Road
[CEZ4325 - 7]
0 1'24 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Wandering, arid, pensive & panoramique. String orchestra with flute. wandering, geopolitics, panoramic, anticipation, wide open space, introspective [...]
CEZ4325 Childhood Memories
[CEZ4325 - 8]
0 2'03 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Magical, tender, dreamy & nostalgic. Musical box, pizzicato strings, piano & cello @ 0'53. magical, lullaby, musical box, crystalline, fantasy, melancholic [...]
CEZ4325 Sliding Down the Road
[CEZ4325 - 9]
0 2'16 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Interrogative, mischievous & insidious. Pizzicato strings & acoustic slide guitar. interrogative, dramedy, insidious, ironical & mischievous, relentless, patient [...]
CEZ4325 Despite all Odds
[CEZ4325 - 10]
0 2'06 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Regular, stubborn & patient. Brass section, strings & electronics. Orchestral build-up. relentless, suspense, crime movie, insidious, narrative, scansion [...]
CEZ4325 Rainy Winter
[CEZ4325 - 11]
0 2'15 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Pastoral, refined, constant & interrogative. String orchestra with flute & harp. Build-up. temperate forest, romantic comedy, sentimental, historical narrative, string orchestra, pastoral [...]
CEZ4325 A Never Ending Walk
[CEZ4325 - 12]
0 2'38 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Uncertain, wandering, obstinate & nocturnal. Percussion, double bass & electronics. geopolitics, relentless, suspense, armed conflict, interrogative, adventure [...]
CEZ4325 So Far Away
[CEZ4325 - 13]
0 1'49 Barthélémy Corbelet Quiet, pensive, hesitating & dreamy. Synth pads, acoustic guitar, cello @ 0'50 & female [...] suspended atmosphere, dreamy, calm, acoustic guitar, intimate, introspective [...]
CEZ4325 Back Home Again
[CEZ4325 - 14]
0 2'21 Barthélémy Corbelet, Yoann le Dantec Gentle, dreamy, intimate & relax. Acoustic guitar, slide guitar & string orchestra. wide open space, slide guitar, peaceful, luminous, open air, contemporary series [...]
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