American Road Book #1

Endless Roads / Sweet Old Country /Wild Horizons / Going South / Small Town USA... America by Greyhound bus or driving a Chevy, on board a freight train or in the back of pick-up , in the cabin of a Peterbilt truck or astride a Harley Panheads... the realization of the American dream cruising before our eyes

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
CEZ4053 Travelling Mind
[CEZ4053 - 1]
0 2'06 Manuel Galvin Honest & intimate. Simple up-beat blues feel. Yukulele duet. tracking shot, driving, folk guitar, contemporary series, confident, Country & Western [...]
CEZ4053 Endless Roads
[CEZ4053 - 2]
0 2'33 Silvano Michelino, Jean-Francois Morin Evocative of open space. Acoustic & electric guitar building groove. road movie, folk rock, United States of America, tracking shot, country rock, melancholic [...]
CEZ4053 Rollin' Free
[CEZ4053 - 3]
0 2'02 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Adventure to come. Clear chiming guitar over busy atmospheric riff & strings. road movie, panoramic, rising, tracking shot, folk rock, airy [...]
CEZ4053 Stone Desert
[CEZ4053 - 4]
0 2'05 Silvano Michelino, Jean-Francois Morin Unforgiving & harsh. Inhospitable. Gritty, slow tempo guitar. road movie, wide open space, investigation, United States of America, fx distorsion, distorted electric guitar [...]
CEZ4053 The Path less travelled
[CEZ4053 - 5]
0 2'35 Lionel Seillier Reflective & soul searching. Gentle guitar & bass with drums @ 0'58. wandering, investigation, swaying, United States of America, road movie, 1980 [...]
CEZ4053 Moving Pictures
[CEZ4053 - 6]
0 3'37 Lionel Seillier Another town, another face... Intro with bass & drums @ 0'38. Mellow groove with melodic [...] United States of America, patient, social drama, road movie, everyday life, sparse [...]
CEZ4053 Wandering Home
[CEZ4053 - 7]
0 3'05 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Longing to be home. Slow-paced AOR with ebbing guitar chords. road movie, lazy, steady, country rock, United States of America, relaxed [...]
CEZ4053 Sweet Old Country
[CEZ4053 - 8]
0 2'17 Silvain Vanot Simple & slow. Warm & friendly. Layered acoustic guitars. peaceful, folk ballad, country & garden, United States of America, slide guitar, dreamy [...]
CEZ4053 Hillbilly Folks
[CEZ4053 - 9]
0 1'19 Silvain Vanot Old-time music. Auto-harp, acoustic guitar & harmonica. playing a homestead tune. carefree, United States of America, old time, 1960, country ballad, diatonic harmonica [...]
CEZ4053 Slidin' Along
[CEZ4053 - 10]
0 1'41 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Atmospheric. Country blues. Electric guitar duet with bottleneck solo. road movie, United States of America, electric slide guitar, lazy, delta blues, relaxed [...]
CEZ4053 Green Pastures
[CEZ4053 - 11]
0 2'00 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Longing. Strummed acoustic guitar with sentimental slide guitar melody. road movie, tracking shot, United States of America, uplifting, confident, electric slide guitar [...]
CEZ4053 Highwaymen
[CEZ4053 - 12]
0 1'58 Pierre-André Athané, Olivier Lebé Plaintive. Toughtful & sad. Delicate finger picked guitar & strings. folk ballad, melancholic, road movie, everyday life, 1970, United States of America [...]
CEZ4053 Lake Shimmer
[CEZ4053 - 13]
0 2'33 Vincent Leibovitz, Claude Samard Natural, atmospheric & acoustic. Strings drones, simple guitar & banjo. atmospheric, suspended atmosphere, wide open space, luminous, peaceful, United States of America [...]
CEZ4053 Sunburst
[CEZ4053 - 14]
0 2'47 Vincent Leibovitz, Claude Samard Heart of nature. Banjo loop with lap steel & baritone guitar. road movie, beds, wandering, wide open space, pedal steel guitar, United States of America [...]
CEZ4053 Miles Away
[CEZ4053 - 15]
0 2'10 Vincent Leibovitz, Claude Samard Panoramique, atmospheric & toughtful. Slow keyboard drone with piano & guitar. beds, sparse, disturbing, contemporary western, hot desert, United States of America [...]
CEZ4053 The Big Country
[CEZ4053 - 16]
0 2'13 Pernilla Osterberg Standing on a canyon edge. String drone with delicate piano. dreamy, natural disaster, suspended atmosphere, investigation, sad, beds [...]
CEZ4053 Red Skyline
[CEZ4053 - 17]
0 2'44 Olivier Lebé Spiritual. Man facing nature. Ambient acoustic slide guitar. wandering, road movie, acoustic slide guitar, hot desert, United States of America, panoramic [...]
CEZ4053 Cowboy Blues
[CEZ4053 - 18]
0 2'03 Jean Jacques Milteau Authentic & human. Slow country blues. Warm solo harmonica. diatonic harmonica, United States of America, western, introspective, sparse, wandering [...]
CEZ4053 Southern Belle
[CEZ4053 - 19]
0 2'47 Silvain Vanot "Young love"... Slow & gentle Country/Tex-Mex waltz with melodica melody. road movie, United States of America, lazy, melodica, naive, western [...]
CEZ4053 Deep in the Bayou
[CEZ4053 - 20]
0 2'34 Silvano Michelino Moody & sexy. Electric New-Orleans blues. Slow deep bass & slide guitar. electric slide guitar, lazy, road movie, wandering, panoramic, swamp blues [...]
CEZ4053 Cradle of the Blues
[CEZ4053 - 21]
0 1'50 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Anticipating. Slow southern blues guitar duet, improvised solo. United States of America, social drama, wandering, electric guitar, road movie, sparse [...]
CEZ4053 Rio Grande
[CEZ4053 - 22]
0 2'32 Pajaro Canzani, Daniel Diaz Primal. Atmospheric blues. Improvised bass & acoustic guitar with drone. wide open space, sparse, hot desert, United States of America, panoramic, road movie [...]
CEZ4053 Time Stands Still
[CEZ4053 - 23]
0 2'58 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Dreamy & playful. Up-lifting acoustic guitar duet. wandering, bluesy, United States of America, acoustic slide guitar, lazy, road movie [...]
CEZ4053 Magnolia Flowers
[CEZ4053 - 24]
0 1'53 Manuel Galvin Ambiguous. Mixtures of blues & folk. Solo dobro guitar. wandering, Dobro guitar, dreamy, sparse, 1960, country & garden [...]
CEZ4053 Small Town USA
[CEZ4053 - 25]
0 2'11 Silvano Michelino Naive & innocent. Close guitar & harmonica with simple melody. tender, romantic comedy, United States of America, melancholic, melodica, sentimental [...]
CEZ4053 The Girl Next Door
[CEZ4053 - 26]
0 2'11 Manuel Galvin "Sweetheart, will you dance?" Folk ballad. Acoustic guitar & mandolin duet. road movie, United States of America, folk guitar, melancholic, everyday life, folk ballad [...]
CEZ4053 Sweet Sunday
[CEZ4053 - 27]
0 2'28 Benoît Sourisse Homely piece. Warm solo Rhodes piano playing gentle. Fender rhodes, intimate, smooth, romantic comedy, United States of America, jazzy [...]
CEZ4053 Strummin' Easy
[CEZ4053 - 28]
0 2'25 Manuel Galvin Strummed acoustic guitar, playing gentle underscore piece. folk ballad, folk guitar, dreamy, simple, wandering, United States of America [...]
CEZ4053 Leaving Main Street
[CEZ4053 - 29]
0 1'29 Nicolas Mizrachi, Jean-Francois Morin Journeying feel. He never stays long... Acoustic & electric guitar. road movie, tracking shot, country rock, United States of America, relentless, 1970 [...]
CEZ4053 Grand Canyon
[CEZ4053 - 30]
0 2'28 Gréco Casadesus Panoramic & airy. Symphonic orchestra. panoramic, peaceful, wide open space, string orchestra, dreamy, contemporary western [...]
CEZ4053 Grand Prairie
[CEZ4053 - 31]
0 1'47 Arnaud de Boisfleury Panoramic & peaceful. String orchestra & clarinet. wide open space, peaceful, string orchestra, airy, destiny, suspended atmosphere [...]
CEZ4053 All is Calm
[CEZ4053 - 32]
0 0'53 Gréco Casadesus Cosy & confident. Fender Rhodes & strings. peaceful, confident, United States of America, Fender rhodes, relaxed, string section [...]
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