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Fakear - Sauvage (NOW004)

Curious about the world which inspires him, Fakear samples music from the East to the West, driven by electronic beats. After the remarkable remixes of Flume and Breton and his two previous EP "Morning in Japan" and "Dark Lands", he returns with a more consistent EP of 7 titles entitled "Sauvage" (wild). This nomadic shaman keeps us traveling between 5 continents, with his atmospheric electronic sound oscillating between light and darkness. His musical collages take us away, always playing with the triptych of emotion, innocence and travel. Between Hiyao Miyazaki and Wes Anderson, "Sauvage" confirms Fakear's universe and transports us aboard the Darjeeling at high speed, heading for a wild jungle pierced by luminous bursts. A "Fakearian" sound, wilder, deep and controlled.

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