Winter Themes

Positive & uplifting tracks for winter stories.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
BIB024 Aurora
[BIB024 - 1]
0 2'00 Conor O'Brien Smooth electronic pads and effects build a wintry and cinematic mood with positive guitar [...] cold, airy, atmospheric, confident, cold desert, wide open space [...]
BIB024 Winter Sky
[BIB024 - 2]
0 2'43 Joseph Connor, Oliver Slack Positive, plucked, acoustic guitar folk melodies with soft vocal harmonies. Sophisticated [...] country & garden, peaceful, confident, folk guitar, panoramic, pastoral [...]
BIB024 Aeolus
[BIB024 - 3]
0 2'39 Michael Peter Sajic A contemporary classic introduction with piano and bells swells slowly into a [...] slow motion, suspended atmosphere, airy, confident, cold desert, panoramic [...]
BIB024 Winter
[BIB024 - 4]
0 3'23 Daniel Steven Millidge Lullaby piano and glockenspiel melodies with a downtempo, soft beat. Warmth, homeliness and [...] crystalline, rain, childhood, dreamy, tender, celesta [...]
BIB024 Silent Night
[BIB024 - 5]
0 2'00 Conor O'Brien from P.D. British nu-folk cover with wurlitzer, banjo and acoustic guitar leading to triumphant, yet [...] naive, airy, lullaby, tender, confident, delicate [...]
BIB024 That's Where I Belong
[BIB024 - 6]
1 3'08 Itay Kashti Lyrics [...] An instrumental wintry Brit-Pop song with memorable chorus hooks featuring church [...] changing, confident, wide open space, panoramic, open air, uplifting [...]
BIB024 That's Where I Belong Instrumental
[BIB024 - 24]
0 3'08 Itay Kashti An instrumental wintry Brit-Pop song featuring church and sleigh bells. Epic ending with [...] country & garden, uplifting, crystalline, driving, building, confident [...]
BIB024 Christmas Joy
[BIB024 - 7]
0 2'22 Claire Batchelor Winter fairy-tale-like, soft choral sections with bells and strings build slowly with [...] romantic comedy, uplifting, magical, luminous, confident, crystalline [...]
BIB024 Christmas Trip
[BIB024 - 8]
0 2'14 Ian Tripp Scandinavian-inspired folk pop featuring piano, strings and timpani. Very rousing and [...] romantic comedy, confident, driving, proud, percussive, electric piano [...]
BIB024 Ice Blink
[BIB024 - 9]
0 2'55 Arthur Gallon Swelling chords with a steady piano section, the melodies are reminiscent of Yann Tiersen's [...] cold desert, childhood, dreamy, confident, cold, wide open space [...]
BIB024 Tinsel & Misletoe
[BIB024 - 10]
0 2'24 Charlotte Partt Mysterious and wondering, this contemporary classical piece delves in to major and [...] airy, cold desert, crystalline, magical, proud, wide open space [...]
BIB024 Stay With Me
[BIB024 - 11]
0 3'28 Jack Hawitt A straight pop song with drive and soft non-lyrical vocals and piano. Subtle bell melodies [...] driving, uplifting, airy, confident, building, sentimental [...]
BIB024 Winters' Return
[BIB024 - 12]
0 1'35 Robert Henry Peter White Warm, hopeful and sentimental folk guitar, slowly joined by sleigh bells and piano. Major [...] confident, intimate, tender, delicate, naive, simple [...]
BIB024 Jingle Bells
[BIB024 - 13]
0 2'26 Christoffer Schou from P.D. Lyrics [...] Soft, kitsch and playful with a folky take on the vocals. Sleigh bells with a [...] sleigh bell, steady, lazy, relaxed, carefree, naive [...]
BIB024 Wish You a Nice Christmas
[BIB024 - 14]
0 1'08 Ewan Wallace Alasdair, Simon Little from P.D. Fingerstyle folk guitar take on a Xmas classic. confident, tender, steady, pastoral, simple, country & garden [...]
BIB024 Silent Night There
[BIB024 - 15]
0 1'39 Ewan Wallace Alasdair, Simon Little from P.D. Naively romantic fingerstyle folk guitar version of Silent Night. simple, confident, steady, country & garden, folk guitar, traditional Cristmas [...]
BIB024 80s Jingle Bells
[BIB024 - 16]
0 2'42 Adam Rustidge from P.D. A playful 80s electro keyboard take but with an electronic twist for those looking for an [...] 1980, funny, atmospheric, driving, parodic, synthesizer [...]
BIB024 Jingle My Bells
[BIB024 - 17]
0 1'23 Ewan Wallace Alasdair, Simon Little from P.D. Upbeat fingerstyle, plucked acoustic guitar version of Jingle Bells with interesting 7th [...] carefree, simple, confident, happy & joyful, folk guitar, acoustic [...]
BIB024 The Cottage
[BIB024 - 18]
0 1'40 Eduardo de la Inglesia Full orchestral piece with sleigh bells and opening reveals. Choral sections, church bells [...] uplifting, final, sleigh bell, bell, Christmas, confident [...]
BIB024 Yule Log
[BIB024 - 19]
0 1'09 Alex Gray, Robert Henry Peter White Upbeat folk piece featuring sleigh rhythms and bells, the melodies are pleasant, playful [...] country & garden, confident, carefree, interiors & cooking, happy & joyful, introduction [...]
BIB024 Winter Chimes
[BIB024 - 20]
0 2'08 Sergey Kolosov Uplifting piano builds with naive vibraphone melodies and nostalgic chord progressions. confident, childhood, uplifting, naive, crystalline, steady [...]
BIB024 Wonderland
[BIB024 - 21]
0 2'01 Craig Bannerman Brown Wondering with subtle melody hints towards 'Merry Gentlemen'. airy, uplifting, sleigh bell, Christmas, confident, magical [...]
BIB024 Silent Night (Acoustic)
[BIB024 - 22]
0 2'02 Daniel Steven Millidge from P.D. A subtle and soft version of Silent Night played in a very warm and relaxed manner. calm, intimate, peaceful, tender, steady, delicate [...]
BIB024 Winter Atmos
[BIB024 - 23]
0 2'00 Conor O'Brien Inspired cinematic swells and beds in the first half build positively with guitar melodies [...] panoramic, confident, uplifting, wide open space, electric guitar, electric piano [...]
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