The name Country & Western appeared shortly after the Second World War and replaced Hillbilly Music in the parade hits of American popular music, which can be translated as "hillbilly music". Just as Rhythm'n' Blues replaced the equally pejorative term Race Music for black music, Country & Western has given rise to multiple genres, such as Rock'n Roll. From both blues and different European folklore, or Hawaiian music, it is in the South and Southwestern United States that the genre is predominant. Like all popular music, Country & Western includes many styles such as bluegrass, exclusively acoustic music from Kentucky (the Bluegrass State), country rock or Cajun music from Louisiana and Western Swing, a mix of jazz and folk. With the advent of the LP, and before its large-scale commercialization, the boundaries between African-American and white music were relatively porous. Jimmie Rodgers, one of the founders of Country-Music, recorded with Louis Armstrong and Hank Williams, the first great star of the genre, called himself a blues singer in the late 1940s. Since the 1950s, Nashville has been the centre of Country-Music and one of the capitals of American popular music.

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