Over the years, Michel Redolfi has revealed our astounding auditory capacities in the water as the pioneer of underwater concerts, where music is electronically broadcast under the surface of the sea or pools to be enjoyed by floating listeners ...

Born in Marseille in 1951, Michel Redolfi developed his sound creations in the United States where, at of the age of 21, he was guest resident at several major studios. In the mid 70’s he settled in San Diego, where the Center for Music Experiment (CME) at the University of California funded his research in the field of broadcasting music in a liquid environment, a field he would entitle, “Underwater Music”. In 1981, he presented "Sonic Waters in the Pacific", the first concert in history where music was broadcast underwater for a large audience floating or submerged in diving suits. The immediate recognition of this new form of listening led to other projects in the US, Europe and Australia. Depending on the sites, Olympic pools, bays or lakes were chosen for their acoustic and environmental qualities. Otherwise, using other media, Michel Redolfi explores situations in which sound has a playful relationship with the listener. He has conceived permanent sound design for French parks and museums (Parc de La Villette, Nausicaa Sealife Center, the Maeght Foundation, Marineland, and Disneyland, Paris). He also composed numerous electro-acoustic works for “speakers-orchestra” (Radio France auditorium, Amsterdam planetarium, World Expo in Sevilla, etc.). Among several American musicians who inspired him and joined him in concert and in the studio : Terry Riley, Jon Hassell, Steve Shehan, Dan Harris, John Cage. Michel Redolfi was the director of the International Music Research Center (CIRM) in Nice from 1987 to 1998, as well as the head of the MANCA Contemporary Music Festival in the same city. In 2003, he founded Audionaute an independent production studio and a publishing label focused on underwater music and related innovative systems. Audionaute was commissioned in 2007 to create the sound design of the Nice tramway system that immerses the passengers aboard in a futuristic smoothing musical environment. His main works have been released on CD’s : In France (GRM, Radio France, Cezame) and on the swiss collection Hat-Hut Records. In the US, alternative labels such as Asphodel and Silent Records released selected tracks in ambient compilations. The iTunes Store will be carrying his “musique concrete” titles for the fall 2009. Michel Redolfi was awarded the prestigious Ars Electronica Prize in 1996. In 2006, he was nominated for the Music Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, where he performed one of his major underwater concerts « La Citta Liquida». In 2008, Walt Disney Pictures commissioned him for two underwater music concerts in Monte Carlo (sea and pool) to launch the European press premiere of “The Little Mermaid 3”.

> 22-25 June 2015 : Sunny Side of the Doc - La Rochelle (France)
(R&D Exclusives : Sunfony Sound Lounger)
The Sunfony sound seat carries the user like a wave, offering an innovative sensory listening experience.
 The musical vibration, spread across its fluid design, invite and immersion into the heart of sound.

 Created by composer Michel REDOLFI and designer Christophe Harbonnier, the Sunfony will be pitched Monday, June 22 at 2:30pm in Agora and later on the Cezame Music Agency Booth (#C1).


Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
CEZ4221 Galactica
[CEZ4221 - 1]
0 4'07 Michel Redolfi Mysterious & abyssal. Cluster of voices. Cosmic music. space, sci-fi, atmospheric, mixed choir, synth choir [...]
CEZ4058 Lost Vessel
[CEZ4058 - 28]
0 1'39 Michel Redolfi Tranquil but unuasy. Low heavy shimmer with floating flutes. natural disaster, underwater, muffled, suspended atmosphere, electroacoustic music [...]
CEZ4022 Sea Dwellers
[CEZ4022 - 1]
0 2'10 Michel Redolfi The "chant" of the whales. Bewitching. Synth pads. Choir & timpani @ 0'33. underwater, magical, fx whale song, sequencing, timpani [...]
CEZ4022 Silver Waves
[CEZ4022 - 2]
0 1'22 Michel Redolfi Enchanting & circling. Waves fx. Electronics. unstable, undulating, underwater, flowing, abyss [...]
CEZ4022 Misty Horizon
[CEZ4022 - 3]
0 1'42 Michel Redolfi Airy & panoramic. Suspended atmosphere. Electronics. sequencing, instrumental
CEZ4022 Blue Horizon
[CEZ4022 - 4]
0 1'54 Michel Redolfi Panoramic, majestic & luminous. Electronics. magical, suspended atmosphere, fantasy, underwater, majestic [...]
CEZ4022 Albatross
[CEZ4022 - 5]
0 2'14 Michel Redolfi Airy & quiet. Flute with echo fx & drone. space, undulating, vibrating, airy, magical [...]
CEZ4022 Ocean
[CEZ4022 - 6]
0 1'54 Michel Redolfi Inspired, airy & majestic. Panoramic. Voices & electro-acoustic. atmospheric, drone, space, magical, undulating [...]
CEZ4022 First Immersion
[CEZ4022 - 7]
0 1'20 Michel Redolfi Quiet & mysterious. Water & waves sound fx. fx water, fx sea, abyss, coastline, sequencing [...]
CEZ4022 Carousel Of Bubbles
[CEZ4022 - 8]
0 1'17 Michel Redolfi Peaceful & positive. Bubble fx. Electro-acoustic. humid, sparkling, underwater, vibrating, rising [...]
CEZ4022 Deep - Sea Diver
[CEZ4022 - 9]
0 3'16 Michel Redolfi Contemplative & weird. Mystery of the deep. Electro-acoustic. underwater, hypnotic, abyss, atmospheric, magical [...]
CEZ4022 Magic Land
[CEZ4022 - 10]
0 1'10 Michel Redolfi Oniric & enchanting. Circling sound design. Electronics & harp. magical, undulating, flowing, luminous, peaceful [...]
CEZ4022 Gate Of Mystery
[CEZ4022 - 11]
0 1'17 Michel Redolfi Deep & mysterious. Dark drone & fx. Electro-acoustic. sci-fi, space, muffled, abyss, horror [...]
CEZ4022 Sea Ballet
[CEZ4022 - 12]
0 1'38 Michel Redolfi Dreamlike & surreal. Flute with echo fx & electro sounds. undulating, airy, high-pitched, suspended atmosphere, fantasy [...]
CEZ4022 Starfish
[CEZ4022 - 13]
0 1'28 Michel Redolfi Like a Siren's song. Dreamlike & mysterious. Voice @ 0'52 & electro fx. magical, acoustic organic, atmospheric, desolate, suspended atmosphere [...]
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