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Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
BIB083 Back in my Day
[BIB083 - 9]
0 2'36 Ty Frankel, Clovis Seva Confident, upbeat, cool. Dramatic and energetic hip hop bed, featuring synth stabs, [...] catchy, open air, team sport, attitude, street sports [...]
BIB083 New Flow
[BIB083 - 11]
0 2'50 Ty Frankel, Clovis Seva Positive, motivating, energetic. Driving hip hop beats with confident electric guitars and [...] open air, team sport, catchy, urban landscape, street sports [...]
BIB069 Stylin
[BIB069 - 13]
0 2'07 Ty Frankel, Scott Stockton Electro pop house dance with synths. Upbeat and electronic. club, danceable, upbeat electro, catchy, confident [...]
BIB069 Groove Street
[BIB069 - 14]
0 2'08 Ty Frankel, Scott Stockton Electro pop house instrumental with funky elements. Lively dance feel. danceable, upbeat electro, club, nu disco, lively [...]
BIB040 Skyhook
[BIB040 - 7]
0 2'48 Ty Frankel, Gabe Miller A driving, energetic dance track with an epic, dramatic feel. Synths and electro elements [...] catchy, club, dance-pop, uplifting, open air [...]
BIB040 Feeling
[BIB040 - 9]
0 3'46 Ty Frankel, Tanner Taylor Ninke A driving, uplifting, dance track with lots of energy and pace. Finger clicks and warm, [...] open air, club, advertising, dance-pop, uplifting [...]
BIB040 Exordium
[BIB040 - 10]
0 2'34 Ty Frankel, Travis Graves A brooding, atmospheric dance track with an air of expectancy. Squelchy synths, crisp [...] club, uplifting, dance-pop, mechanical sport, synthesizer [...]
BIB037 Chemical Dose
[BIB037 - 14]
0 1'42 Ty Frankel Urban atmospheric trap. Synths and skittering beats. Modern harmony line and sampled vocal [...] abstract hip-hop, striptease, beat making, electro dub, erotic [...]
BIB037 Rain Paint
[BIB037 - 16]
0 2'01 Ty Frankel Urban synths and nice groove. Trap beats with a more American feel. sequencing, abstract hip-hop, fx delay, lazy, carefree [...]
BIB035 Pushing it to the Max
[BIB035 - 3]
0 2'09 Ty Frankel Electronically emotive synth trap beats. Instrumental. Slight build with additional synth [...] urban, dance-pop, driving, uplifting, proud [...]
BIB035 On a Mission
[BIB035 - 8]
0 2'35 Ty Frankel Stadium trap. Instrumental, big brashy and cinematic with heart. Nice rousing chorus [...] driving, relentless, urban, uplifting, urban landscape [...]
BIB035 Dur Dur
[BIB035 - 11]
0 2'58 Ty Frankel Big and brash electronic hip hop beat with attitude-y guitar stabs. Instrumental. Nice [...] relentless, inexorable, disturbing, urban, fx distorsion [...]
BIB035 Charismatic in Traffic
[BIB035 - 12]
0 2'50 Ty Frankel Gritty, trappy synth led banger. Instrumental, electronic with skittering drums and [...] uplifting, heavy, urban landscape, urban, catchy [...]
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