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Kowtow Records

Kowtow Records

Kowtow comes from 'koutou' in Chinese Mandarin - the word was progressively incorporated into English language throughout the 19th century. It means bowing down and is a sign of deep respect or worship.  KOWTOW RECORDS was founded by Vincent Leibovitz, composer and producer, co-founder of Paris-based label Nowadays Records and member of renowned beatmaking collective La Fine Équipe. Through KOWTOW, Leibovitz aims to pave the way to new artists with a strong background in soundtrack, sound design and contemporary experimental electronics in all their diversity, from dance music to ambient and avant-garde pop. Deeply influenced by a rich and picturesque cultural environment, KOWTOW has the ambition to become a real spawning ground for a new generation of creatives, whose experiments are currently reaching new heights.

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