Jumo - Que des Gens de Passage

After “Périodes Aléatoires”, first EP of a long serie of releases that will be spread over 2019, ending with the release of his first album, Jumo is back with “Parfois”, first song of a new EP entitled “Que des gens de passage”. With “Que des gens de passage”, Jumo gives us a hypnotic concept that marries perfectly with a sleek and progressive musical line, which hits a club-oriented signature. However, Jumo has not, denied the markers that define his difference since the beginning : a dreamlike atmosphere, a modernity at the edge of the avant-garde, and a sense of detail bordering on perfectionism.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords Key BPM
NOW085 Parfois
[NOW085 - 1]
0 4'00 Jumo Electronica / sci fi. Driving, heavy & percussive. Synth & rhythm. driving, electronica, heavy, electronic percussion, percussive [...] Db 130
NOW085 Motel
[NOW085 - 2]
0 3'22 Jumo Upbeat electro / techno. Driving, organique & atmospheric. Synth & rhythm. driving, atmospheric, cold desert, lively, science [...] Cm 120
NOW085 Carré
[NOW085 - 3]
0 2'44 Jumo Electronica / sci fi. Urgent, relentless & opaque. Synth & rhythm. relentless, chase, driving, electronica, video game [...] C 155
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  • 0:00/0:00 - 0.00
BPM 10
300 or KEYS