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Césarius Alvim

Born 1950, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Césarius Alvim grew up in an environment rich in diverse musical cultures: samba from the favelas, the great classical masters, and jazz. A potent emotional cocktail which brought him as a young man to Paris and the National Conservatory of Music. His works published by Cézame are extracts from his album "Ultraviolet" (Axolotl Records), devoted exclusively to the double bass.  He has played and recorded with a rare panoply of musicians: Martial Solal, Marius Constant, the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, the French National Orchestra, Joe Henderson, Eddie Gomez and Lee Konitz. Depending on the musical context at any given time he may choose to perform on piano, bass, drums, percussion or acoustic guitar. Most recently he has been concentrating on composition. Nature and life are the eternal wellspring of his inspiration nourished by a profound respect for the individuaity of the human spirit.

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