Classical Repertoire: Piano

A sophisticated collection of well known Classical Solo piano pieces. Composed by Beethoven, Chopin, Satie, Debussy and Granados.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
BIB057 Nocturne No.1 in B Flat Minor
[BIB057 - 1]
0 2'28 Frederic Chopin Delicate, melancholic. Reflective and moving. well-known tune, romantic music, delicate, nocturnal, acoustic piano [...]
BIB057 Arabesque No.1
[BIB057 - 2]
0 2'04 Claude Debussy Playful, cascading rhythmic solo piano piece. impressionism, undulating, acoustic piano, refined, 19th century [...]
BIB057 Dedication
[BIB057 - 3]
0 1'02 Enrique Granados Elegant, simple solo piano piece. Elegant and staid. acoustic piano, 19th century, melodic, romantic music, peaceful [...]
BIB057 Nocturne in C Sharp Minor
[BIB057 - 4]
0 2'15 Frederic Chopin A melancholic, reflective piece with a hint of hope and sophistication. acoustic piano, sentimental, 19th century, classy, moving [...]
BIB057 Clair de Lune
[BIB057 - 5]
0 3'57 Claude Debussy A warm, hopeful composition. Both serious and playful at times. acoustic piano, 19th century, well-known tune, romantic music, changing [...]
BIB057 Prelude in E Minor
[BIB057 - 6]
0 2'23 Frederic Chopin A serious, reflective, melancholic piece. acoustic piano, sad, 19th century, marcato, romantic music [...]
BIB057 Gnossienne
[BIB057 - 7]
0 2'24 Erik Satie Relaxed and sentimental with a slight lift in tone at 2.58. acoustic piano, 19th century, melancholic, romantic music, classy [...]
BIB057 Gymnopedie
[BIB057 - 8]
0 3'26 Erik Satie A mournful and melancholic piece. Bittersweet and brooding. delicate, suspended atmosphere, acoustic piano, 19th century, intimate [...]
BIB057 Sonata (Moonlight)
[BIB057 - 9]
0 5'56 Ludwig van Beethoven Hopeful, warm, emotionally sophisticated piece. arpeggio, romantic music, acoustic piano, sentimental, 19th century [...]
BIB057 Sonate Pathetique
[BIB057 - 10]
0 2'37 Ludwig van Beethoven A brooding, mournful piece with a sad inevitability feel. acoustic piano, 19th century, delicate, destiny, melancholic [...]
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