The first time I worked in the audio-visual was in 1982 when I composed the soundtrack for  René Laloux's animated film « Les maîtres du temps ». Having to imagine unknown sonic landscapes and make them "plausible" was an uplifting experience. I came back to it a few years later with the same director and « Gandahar ». « Composed » sound has extraordinary expressive power and it seems to me that, today, the next continent to explore and exploit is precisely the territory of sound; whether that be in our immediate surroundings (signals, noises, controlled silences etc...) or in the imagined audio-visual. Compositional work in the sonic area can considerably revitalize the current musical landscape.

(Ch. Zanesi).

A former student of Guy Maneveau and Marie-Françoise Lacaze at the university of Pau and then of Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel at the Paris Conservatoire, he went on expand his musical training in studio productions with some of the great names in electro-acoustics: Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Bernard Parmegiani ...For several years now he has been working on the electronic stage with some of its main players:(Mika Vainio of Pansonic, Arnaud Rebotini, Christian Fennesz, RÖM...) and with choreographers. (José Montalvo, Michel Kelemenis, Marianne Isson...) He also gives live performances and works in film. He has performed numerous concerts in France and elsewhere. He recently gave the inaugural concert at the « Cut & Splice » festival organized by the I.C.A. and the B.B.C. in London. He is currently assistant director of the G.R.M., programming and presenting radio programmes on Radio France and Vivace. "Christian Zanési is a pure studio composer, a sound sculptor. Inscribed and constructed in space, his music is primarily conceived to physically touch, via the loud speakers, the vibrant organic-being which is the listener".

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
CEZ4014 Petit Manege (part 2)
[CEZ4014 - 78]
0 0'15 Christian Zanesi Bizarre & intimist. Music box & sampled voices. musical box, link, unclassifiable, sting, sampled female voice [...]
CEZ4059 B2B
[CEZ4059 - 2]
0 2'59 Arnaud Rebotini, Christian Zanesi Builds up gradualy. Random electro/synth patterns with grainy sound design & aggressive [...] cybernetics, electro industrial, corporate video, industry, robotic [...]
CEZ4059 Spaceheart
[CEZ4059 - 16]
0 2'56 Christian Zanesi Ambient soundscape. Ethereal. Empty drones with waves of digital FX. abyss, disturbing, pulsation, science, soundscape [...]
CEZ4059 Ostinato
[CEZ4059 - 22]
0 1'24 Christian Zanesi Throbbing synth tone with dynamic soundwaves. Mathematical. psychotic, architecture & design, relentless, 2000, steady [...]
CEZ4059 Muted Desire
[CEZ4059 - 28]
0 2'49 Romuald Tual, Christian Zanesi Collage of samples & human sounds with filtered low groove. Sensual. 2000, architecture & design, electro minimalism, disturbing, sound design [...]
CEZ4019 Là-bas
[CEZ4019 - 18]
0 2'30 Christian Zanesi Worrying. Electroacoustic. desolate, contemporary art, sparse, natural disaster, cold [...]
CEZ4012 Le Pays Magique
[CEZ4012 - 2]
0 1'51 Christian Zanesi Magical & airy. Electroacoustic. magical, crystalline, luminous, airy, suspended atmosphere [...]
CEZ4012 Le Combat
[CEZ4012 - 34]
0 1'36 Christian Zanesi Savage & urgent. Sampled percussions. electronic percussion, percussive, chase, urgent, chaotic [...]
CEZ4009 Rebecca
[CEZ4009 - 12]
0 1'15 Christian Zanesi Magical & crystalline. Electro-acoustique sound. crystalline, mark tree, fantasy, magical, luminous [...]
CEZ4009 Percu Courir
[CEZ4009 - 23]
0 1'25 Christian Zanesi Suspense. Disturbing. Breath fx & percussion. percussion ensemble, fx breathing, unclassifiable, electronic percussion, percussive [...]
CEZ4009 Horloge à Musique
[CEZ4009 - 26]
0 0'44 Christian Zanesi Discret & mystérious. Sampled sounds & percussion. musical box, crystalline, time (tick-tock), arts & crafts, sparse [...]
CEZ4009 New News
[CEZ4009 - 29]
0 0'50 Christian Zanesi Linear & stubborn. Electronic percussion. unclassifiable, relentless, electronic percussion, urgent, breaking news [...]
CEZ4015 The Other side
[CEZ4015 - 15]
0 2'10 Christian Zanesi Tempest fx. Tension & mystery. Electronics with voice @ 1'04. contemporary art, complex, scary, psychotic, sci-fi [...]
CEZ4015 Supernatural
[CEZ4015 - 27]
0 2'02 Christian Zanesi Resonant & sparse. Electro-acoustic. contemporary art, vibrating, insidious, electroacoustic music, psychotic [...]
CEG5018 Wind Words
[CEG5018 - 13]
0 1'41 Christian Zanesi Desolate, toxic & disturbing. Synth drone with wind fx. Suggested for dust cloud & post [...] soundscape, natural disaster, windy, sound design, cold desert [...]
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