Chambre aux Etoiles - LÜNE

LÜNE is introducing us to a visually colored and smooth musical world. With his music, he wants people to feel alive and loved. And to him this comes from expressing what is closest and most personal to him. He is a producer who works entirely from his room: in between the walls that saw him grow and the bed that still allows him to dream. His inspiration comes from the energy of the city and of the natural world, in between electronic and organic forms. It feels like a watchful eye that we can dive into it whenever we feel like we need it.

Suggested albums

Album Title Alt. Duration Compo/Artist Description Keywords
NOW139 Bulle
[NOW139 - 1]
0 3'38 LÜNE Electro-pop. Dreamy, driving & carefree. Human voice humming, synth, chimes, acoustic [...] electro pop, advertising, dreamy, synthesizer, modern [...]
NOW139 Bleu
[NOW139 - 2]
0 4'23 LÜNE Electro-pop. Positive, light & dreamy. Fx reverb. Male singer, electric guitar, bass, snap [...] atmospheric, male singer, confident, electro pop, advertising [...]
NOW139 Chambre aux Etoiles
[NOW139 - 3]
0 5'26 LÜNE Electro-pop. Dreamy, confident & atmospheric. Human voice humming, electric guitar, synth, [...] electro pop, dreamy, synthesizer, modern, atmospheric [...]
NOW139 Mounette
[NOW139 - 4]
0 4'52 LÜNE Electro-pop & folk ballad. Nostalgic, introspective yet tender & childish. Folk guitar, [...] atmospheric, folk ballad, male singer, electro pop, childhood [...]
NOW139 Chamonix
[NOW139 - 5]
0 3'34 LÜNE Electro-pop. Confident, driving & catchy. Singer, electric guitar, synth & electronic [...] male singer, confident, electro pop, electric guitar, advertising [...]
NOW139 Outro
[NOW139 - 6]
0 2'41 LÜNE Pop ballad. Atmospheric, crystalline & dreamy. Fx birds. Human voice humming, acoustic [...] atmospheric, dreamy, modern, pop ballad, country & garden [...]
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